Book of Mormon Lecture Series – Snowflake, AZ 1989 PDF

Published Date: May 15, 2014

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Table of Contents
Lecture 1     Opening Of The Last Dispensation –The First Vision And Its Theological Concepts
Lecture 2     Joseph Smith
Lecture 3     The Meaning Of Gethsemane
Lecture 4     The Meaning Of Calvary
Lecture 5A    Christ’s Redemption From The Fall
Lecture 5B    The 13 Looks Of Nephi — Helen Mae Andrus
Lecture 6     Divine Justice And Mercy
Lecture 7     Nephi’s Prophecy Of The Last Days, Part 1
Lecture 8     Nephi’s Prophecy Of The Last Days, Part 2
Lecture 9     Sons And Daughters Of Christ — Doctrine Of The New Birth
Lecture 10    The New Life In Christ
Lecture 11    Justification And Sanctification
Lecture 12    Endure To The End
Lecture 13    Nephi — Key To Isaiah, Part 1
Lecture 14    Nephi — Key To Isaiah, Part 2
Lecture 15    The Holy Order
Lecture 16    The Law Of Zion — Consecration — Elias, Elijah, Messiah
Lecture 17    Consecration And Stewardship & Gathering Israel to Christ
Lecture 18    Zion And Israel — Olive Tree Parable –Wards/Stakes — Ten Tribes
Lecture 19    Christ’s Coming To Zion, Jerusalem And The World
Lecture 20    John’s Revelation Of The Last Days, Part 1
Lecture 21    John’s Revelation Of The Last Days, Part 2


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