Joseph Smith And The Law of Consecration

Published Date: June 12, 2014

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Hyrum L. Andrus

Taken from: Brigham Young University Lecture Series, 1962 Seminar on the Prophet Joseph Smith, Feb 17, 1962.

I appreciate the opportunity of meeting with you people to discuss a topic that has been near and dear to my heart for some time. I can certainly say amen to the introductory remarks of Dr. Madsen relative to the tremendous vision of the Prophet Joseph Smith. He indicated that the Prophet’s vision of life in its several relationships is almost (and this is the understatement of the year) beyond the power of finite comprehension.

When Moroni came to the Prophet Joseph in the month of September, 1823, he stated that the gospel was to be restored for certain basic purposes. He said the time had come for God’s covenant with Israel to be fulfilled. This was one great objective. Second, he said the preparatory work for the second coming of the Messiah was to speedily commence. And third, he said the time was at hand for the gospel in all its fullness to be preached in power unto all nations, that a people might be prepared for the millennial reign.


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