Personal Glimpses of the Prophet Joseph Smith

Published Date: June 7, 2014

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They Knew The Prophet


They Knew the Prophet is a compilation of statements by people who were associated with Joseph Smith and later recalled historical incidents in his life, some of his teachings, and their impressions of him. The list in this volume is not complete, but is a selection of many of the more interesting and representative statements. Some of these statements are combined expressions by a given individual taken from several sources. In their compilation extraneous materials have been deleted, introductory and transitional phrases have been added, major spelling errors have been corrected, and punctuation has been altered where necessary for clarity. In all the statements, however, the original meaning and (as far as possible) wording have been preserved. In one or two instances, such as in the case of Mrs. Palmer, the report has been changed from the second to the first person.

Most of the statements included in this volume may be classified as memoirs, and are subject to the limitations historians impose on this class of information. But they also have the value of giving personal accounts of those who witnessed history in the making. Above all, they reflect the lasting impressions Joseph Smith made on his associates.

The compilers are indebted to several institutions and people for their contributions to this work, including the staff members of the Church Historian’s Library and the Brigham Young University Library. Particular thanks is given to Steve Farnes, who has worked as a student assistant in gathering many of these statements. Don Norton of the English Department at Brigham Young University read the manuscript for grammatical accuracy.

The following secretaries have assisted in typing the manuscript: Kaye Cook, Denise Mortensen, Lorraine Indermill, Wendy Gause, Sue Beck, Terry Anderson, Ivy Yau, Beth Lunt, Miriam Dew, and Jeanine Molberg. They also have our special thanks.

Finally, special thanks is given to H. George Bickerstaff for his perceptive efforts in the final preparation of the manuscript and to Ronald A. Millett of Deseret Book Company, for his encouragement and assistance in the publication of this book.




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