Principles of Perfection

Published Date: June 5, 2014

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Hyrum L. Andrus

All rights reserved.


Chapter 1 The Gospel and Its Objectives

Chapter 2 The Spiritual Power of the Restored Gospel

Chapter 3 The Requisites for Faith in God

Chapter 4 Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

Chapter 5 The Preparatory Gospel

Chapter 6 The Everlasting Gospel

Chapter 7 Becoming Sons and Daughters of Christ

Chapter 8 The Doctrines of Justification and Sanctification

Chapter 9 The Spiritual Life of the Gospel

Chapter 10 The Law of the Gospel

Chapter 11 The Temple Program Inaugurated

Chapter 12 The Divine Patriarchal Order

Chapter 13 The More Sure Word of Prophecy

Chapter 14 The Second Comforter

Chapter 15 The Gospel from Adam to Israel

Chapter 16 The Gospel from Israel to Modern Times

Chapter 17 The Doctrine of Salvation for the Dead

Chapter 18 Saviors on Mount Zion


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