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Salt Lake City Discussion Group

Published Date: March 11, 2015

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Contents of the Salt Lake City Discussion Group

This discussion group met approximately monthly over a period of almost ten years. The discussions were taped with a cassette tape recorder then later transcribed for the group. Because of the nature of the group there were comments, questions and answers that may have been interesting in their own right but did not add to the general theme of the subject being presented. Dr. Andrus was always good about coming back to the theme of the discussion. Therefore, these ‘side-bars’ have been edited out of the discussions presented here. When the question and answer were directly relevant to the discussion they were generally integrated into the text. Some textual editing has also been done to improve the flow of the discussion, but in no case has the doctrinal content been modified. For convenience the discussions have been placed into 11 groups. Each group is a separate download.

The ideas presented in these discussions are not intended to be approved church doctrine but are scripturally based and thoroughly referenced and intended to help the reader with their personal studies.  [Note: new groups will be added as they become available.]

Contents  Group 1

01 – The Divine Nature of God; God Dwells In Eternal Fire

2A – The Way to all Truth; Life Spirit Physical Eternal; True Worship

2B – Christ as God & Father; Power Relationship; Prophets Spoke as God; Pray to Father

03 – The Glory & Power of Christ; Light of Christ; Life Light Spirit

04 – Doctrine of Literal Resurrection, D&C 88;15-33, 93;33; The Celestial Kingdom etc.

05 – The Degrees Of Glory

6A – The Doctrine of Election; Foreordination; DC 85 86 90 113; More Sure Word of Prophecy

6B – Calling Election Sure; DC 132-126 Unpardonable Sin; Second Comforter

07 – The Order of The Melchizedek Priesthood

08 – The Nature & Covenant of The Priesthood; Covenant Relationships

09 – Prophecy on War

10 – Redemption of Zion; Judgment Against the Saints; Events of The Last Days; Ten Tribes

Contents  Group 2

11 – Introduction to The Book of Mormon; Martin Harris Story; The Set of Plates

12 – The book of Mormon Title Page; Jesus is Son & Father

13 & 14 – Christ the Eternal Father; God of This Earth etc

15 – The Fall of Adam

16 – The Atonement of Jesus Christ; His Conception

17 – The Atonement of Christ Part 2; The Withdrawal of the Spirit and Glory to Justice; Jesus as Father & Son-oneness

18 – The Book of Mormon; The Doctrine of Rebirth, Born Again; The Meaning of Innocent

19 – Book of Mormon; The Christian System of Salvation; Meaning of Angels Speak by The Power of The Holy Ghost; Gentiles; Fruits of The Spirit

20 – Doctrine of Justification by Law Grace Faith Works Spirit; Reconciliation; Sanctification

21 – Continuation of Sanctification; Doctrine of Gospel In The Earth Life

Contents  Group 3

22 – The Law of The Gospel; Jesus Established Order of Gospel Program; Sermon on the Mount; Times to Forgive

23 – The Spiritual Life of The Gospel; Spiritual Gifts; Fruits of The Spirit; Rebirth; Concept of Christ; Charity

24 – Redemption & Building of Zion; The Gathering of Israel; Sequence of Gathering to New Jerusalem

25 – The Kingdom of God; D&C 65; Titles in The Book of Mormon; The Covenant Society Defined

26 – Overview of Prophetic Picture of Zion in The Last Days; Christ’s Coming A Series of Appearances; Summary

27 – Warfare Against Zion; Second Coming Appearances; Sequence of Last Days Events; Making Bare His Arm Defined

28 – Christ’s Teachings on The New Jerusalem; Times of the Gentiles; Last Days

29 – Overview of The Concept of Zion Part 1

30 – Overview of The Concept of Zion; Meaning of Seals; Four Horses

Contents  Group 4

31 – Overview of the Concept of Zion; Rev 6-7-8; 144000 Part 3; Final Era of Judgments; Revelation by Chapter; D&C 77

32 – Overview of the Concept of Zion Part 4; Gathering The Wicked; Rev 10; Angels of Revelation Explained

33 – Overview of the Concept of Zion; Daniel 7; Little Horn; Jerusalem in Heaven; Times Defined; The Beasts

34 – Concept of Heirship; Overview of Zion #6

35 – Inherit The Earth; Urim & Thummim; New Name; Essentials of Power Through Organization; Unlocking Life; Grace

36 – Calling & Election; Zion Society; Law of Consecration; Stewardship; Right of Heirship; Elijah & Sealing

37 – The Three Degrees Of Glory; D&C 76 Church Of The Firstborn; Zion, Mount Zion, Just Men

38 – The Lord’s Prayer; Sermon on the Mount; The Holy Order

39 – The Creation #1- #4

Contents  Group 5

41 – Eternity; Why We Are Born A Man or A Woman

42 – A Continuation of Eternity; Definition of an Elias

43 – The Holy Order

44 – The Holy Order; Continued

45 – Consecration; A Small Introduction

46 – The Holy Order; Chief Ruler; Three Blood Lines

47 – Importance of Isaiah; Key to Understanding; Last Days Events

48 – Importance of Isaiah in The Last Days Part 2

49 – The Lord’s Prayer; Sermon on The Mount; The Holy Order

Contents  Group 6

50 – Last Days; 1 Ne 14; Book of Revelation; The Seven Seals; The Trumps of Section 88; Four Horsemen

51 – Appended to #49

52 – Last Days; Rev 8-12; 144000; Becoming Kings & Queens; Sequence of Latter-Day Events53 – Last Days; Rev 12; Wars in Heaven & on Earth

54 – Last Days; Rev 13-14; Little Horn; Daniel 7; Four Beasts; Sequence of Events

55 – The Baptism of Fire

56 – Mission of Elias; Elijah; Messiah

57 – Last Days; Jerusalem Scene; Signs of The Son of Man; Times of The Gentiles Fulfilled

58 – The Millennium Part 1; generations Defined; Times of the Gentiles Defined

59 – The Millennium Part 2

60 – The Millennium Part 3; General events to Usher In; Mount of Transfiguration

Contents  Group 7

61 – Missing

62 – Missing

63 – Missing

64 – Missing

65 – Isaiah 2, 3 & 4

66 – Being Born Again; Spirit & Physical Beginnings; State; Three Baptism; Baptism of Fire

67 – Second Comforter; Calling & Election Made Sure; More Sure Prophecy; Weakness; In Christ Relationship

68 – The Process of Resurrection

69 – Beatitudes In The Context of The Gospel

Contents  Group 8

70 – Preview of The Lord’s Prayer; Zion; Lord’s Appearances

71 – Preview of Lord’s Prayer; A Continuation of Zion Part 2; Elijah’s Mission; Articles of Adoption

72 – Last Days; Jacob’s Allegory on The House of Israel; The Ten Lost Tribes; Gathering; 144000; End Time Scenes

73 – Jacob 5; 144000; Peter’s Position; Return of Sealed Portion; Hour of Judgment Begins

74 – Light #1

75 – The Gospel; Remission of Sins; Faith & Repentance as Ordinances; Justification; Guardian Angels

76 – The Tree of Life; Personal Application of The Gospel

77 – Eternity

78 – The Atonement; Grace for Grace; Conception of Christ

79 – The Atonement (con’t)

Contents  Group 9

80 – Last Days Summary; Pre-Existence; Rev 12; Four Horses; Seals

81 – Pre-Existence; Last Days; Rev 12; 144000; 6th & 7th Seals

82 – Christ; Divine-Mortal Relationships; Physical Spiritual Justification; Meaning of Fulness; Atonement Concepts

83 – Christ; The Divine Nature; The Gospel

84 – The Tree of Life; Charity; Baptism of Fire

85 – The Way to The Knowledge of God; Testimony; Apostasy; Restoration

86 – Jesus Christ The Center of Life & Salvation

87 – Christ As Father & Son

88 – The Fall of Adam; One Third Part; Rev 13

Contents  Group 10

90 – The Glory & Power of Christ; Types of Physical Bodies; Light & Life; Grace; The Mind of God; Repent of Personal Righteousness

91 – The Fall of Adam; Covenant Society

92 – Christ’s Minister; The Holy Ghost; Holy Spirit of Promise; In Role Representing Father & Son

93 – Faith; Desire Assurance Hope; Seed of Alma 32; Indwelling Relationship; Dependent & Independent Faith

94 – The Atonement; Conception of Christ; Meaning of Infinite & Eternal Sacrifice

95 – Power of the Atonement; Resurrection; Passing By The Angles; Sacrament & Temple Symbols

96 – Repentance; Personal Righteousness

97 – Becoming Sons & Daughters of Jesus Christ

98 – The Economic Order of Zion

99 – The House of The Lord; Temple Program

100 – The House of The Lord; Temple Program (con’t)

Contents  Group 11

101 – The Glory of God And Man’s Relationship To Deity; The Plan of Salvation

102 – The Glory of God And Man’s Relationship To Deity; Philosophy of The Gospel

103 – The Glory of God And Man’s Relationship To Deity; The Plan of The Restored Gospel

104 – The Glory of God And Man’s Relationship To Deity; Sanctification; Election; Resurrection; Endowment Of Glory

105 – Prayer

106 – Adultery; Virtue; Chastity

107 – Adultery; Virtue; Chastity (con’t)

108 – The Revolution Called Liberty; An Overview

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  1. Angelo (Tom) DeMarco
    Angelo (Tom) DeMarco February 9, 2017 at 9:38 am .

    Dr. Andrus is by far the most authoritative doctrinal teacher of the scriptures. I recommend all of his lectures for anyone that is a serious doctrinal student of the scriptures. His knowledge of the total vision of the Kingdom of God as the scriptures outline and the vision of the purpose and prophetic of a Zion society is awe inspiring. He opens up the Gospel by tying in how they relate to the pre-mortal, mortal and post-mortal life of God’s Eternal Plan for achieving exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom. He powerfully makes the case why Zion must be and will be established before Christ will come to claim His rightful ordination to rule His universe.

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